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Introducing the Metaweb browser and cloud hosting service

Metaverse Cloud Infrastructure

It’s too expensive to host high quality metaverse and game experiences in the cloud. We’ve solved the cloud cost problem. Oorbit’s hosting architecture enables developers to publish Unreal Engine projects to any device. All the content that’s hosted on Oorbit is fully interoperable and accessible from a single app: The Oorbit Metaweb Browser.

Join the network of virtual worlds

01 Metaverse Cloud Compute

Never think about hosting costs, scaling, latency, or pricing again.

02 Hosting 

It’s easy to share high quality, interactive experiences to Oorbit. Just upload an Unreal project file to Oorbit Metaweb Browser  

03 Access on browser

The Metaweb Browser is an app for people to share and experience the metaverse on any device. (1).gif

Oorbit Metaweb browser is your doorway to metaverse experiences of all kind. Join the waitlist and be the first to explore the most exhilarating destinations in the metaverse.

Oorbit delivers your metaverse project to millions of users today. Contact us to get started with testing.

Cloud platform Oorbit partners with music metaverse firm Pixelynx

June 2022

Oorbit raises $5M from Mark Cuban, Deadmau5 and more for metaverse platform

March 2022

Cloud Games Have Not Arrived. Yet.

Aug 2021

publish to all devices

in the media

publish on the metaweb browser today

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