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We Are Compute

The fastest and most affordable compute, powering gaming, AI and beyond

Oorbit Inc.
Palo Alto, CA 94158

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Powering today's most 

innovative applications

Oorbit provides a complete suite of specialized cloud tools as a service including a full cloud-gaming platform-as-a-service packaged via a plug and play CloudOS. Oorbit's grid computing expands to many other compute heavy areas including AI training and simulation applications.

1. CloudGaming

Platform as a service

Build cloud game streaming applications. Schedule cloud, manage resources and ship to all devices including LG smart TVs (WebOS)

2. AI Cloud Grid: GPU Orchestration

Scale cloud GPU utilisation to

reduce cloud costs and maintain a larger scale infrastructure operation for your AI model deployment

3. AI Cloud Grid: Centralisaiton

Simplify and unify hardware resources to maximise utilisation of resources. Multi-cloud GPU enabled for a larger and faster allocation

4. Self-service and automated

Select a range of optimised nodes that scale for specific usecases. Accelerte your business using Oorbit DevOps automation


ACIT grid is a revolutionary compute grid providing maximum performance via a serialized hybrid-cloud backbone, removing months of work and millions of dollars from design, deployment and management of cloud applications using XBeam and PlayBeam:

PlayBeam is an end to end cloud platform as a service that lets studios turn a single game or many projects into a live service and stream directly to any hardware without any coding or complex process


XBeam acclerates utilisation of high performance compute while it reduces the time and cost of training and deploying AI applications at scale



35% of cloud compute spending is wasted every year. We help you spend on 100% utilization. Oorbit's ACIT (advance compute infrastructure technology) platform helps game studios and AI companies utilise cloud computing for streaming/rendering and other applications at 50% lower price and faster performance. 

Oorbit removes what most engineering teams at studios want to avoid having these on their to-do-list:


! DevOps costs/Infrastructure Architecture/Cluster design

! GPU pricing/Scheduling

! GPU allocation/Utilisation

! Multi-cloud management

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