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Cloud gaming has suffered 20 years of bad business models, expensive cloud, latency and other issues. We solved these issues and opened it up for free. We believe everyone should experiment on cloud native content before being charged average $1.45 per hour by AWS, PureWeb, Xsolla and many others. Try it today!

It is free, with fair terms.


Install and launch your own cloud gaming service

in a day.

• Free to install with open source code

• Runs on the best GPU providers

• Reduce costs by 80%

• Run up to 8 Unreal Engine Games on a single GPU

see our example cloud gaming service

"Playbeam" in the video below:

The Plug and Play
Cloud Gaming Solution


We believe that high quality video games and 3D immersive experiences will continue growing as a dominant force in the entertainment market. With the year-on-year advancements in video game engines, the remaining problem that we’ve confronted since 2015 as gaming and 3D experiences builders ourselves has been a better distribution technology beyond console, PC and mobile downloads. Cloud-gaming was a theoretical answer but never thrived. The infrastructure has been the barrier for most content creators to be able to utilise cloud streaming for their gaming products,

To solve the infrastructure problem, we had to develop a new way to efficiently orchestrate gaming application workloads across global computing resources. We built a 10x better GeForceNow cloud gaming service that can run 8 Unreal Engine games on a single NVIDIA GPU card. It can utilise a single EC2 AWS instance 80% cheaper and with higher stability. Our games loaded between 3 to 8 seconds. We tested and run games on 13 ms latency, We call this full stack, plug and play cloud gaming system, XBeam.


XBeam is a 0-100 solution, similar to the technology behind Ge~ForceNow or Stadia. We built cloud gaming services with it.  Now you can use XBeam to build gaming arcades, web apps, mobile apps, game stores, game launchers or launch AAA quality playable ads inside TikTok and Instagram. You can build your own upload to stream mechanism. 

We want every developer, studio or publisher build cloud-native games or apps, that were previously impossible.

  1. Playbeam : Open Source Cloud Gaming Service

  2. Open Source Game Builder

  3. .exe that installs the entire streaming infrastructure/orchestration on AWS

XBeam includes:


Using Oorbit's Cloud OS, LG Smart TVs are now a distribution channel for any developer to stream their games and AI apps directly to millions of TV owners.

Oorbit powering LG Smart TVs



Coming soon



Coming soon


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