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Introducing world's first cloud game streaming platform for building streamed interactive enetrtainment services, games and other rendered applications on all devices.

1. End-to-end Stack

From GPU server allocation and devops to front-end SDKs PlayBeam has everything ready for you to start a game streaming 

service on any device

2. SDKs/Plugins

The easiset and fastest implementation and integration with game engines including controller setup ready for smart TVs and mobile. 

3. Easy LiveOps

PlayBeam GroundControl gives you access to game engine data analytics, live compute usage optimisation and much more

4. Multi-cloud

The ultimate multicloud backbone for any gaming application ranging from games to large simulation platforms

PlayBeam: Transform Any Game to a Live Service

Go live from day one of production! Build a continious development and deployment pipeline using a full-stack packaged streaming solution to ship to all devices including LG WebOS TV 


Platform as a Service

Build your own streaming

service and ship to browsers, TVs and all other consumer devices


ACIT grid is a revolutionary compute grid providing maximum performance via a serialized hybrid-cloud backbone, removing months of work and millions of dollars from design, deployment and management of cloud applications using XBeam and PlayBeam:

PlayBeam is an end to end cloud platform as a service that lets studios turn a single game or many projects into a live service and stream directly to any hardware without any coding or complex process


XBeam acclerates utilisation of high performance compute while it reduces the time and cost of training and deploying AI applications at scale

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